Miller News

Just two items of interest for the Skellies:

  1. David Miller received a Mentor Award from his students.
    This is quite an honor coming from graduate students and is a statement of their respect for David as well as the contributions he has made to their graduate education.
  2. Gilbert Miller is now Dr. Gilbert Miller!

Congratulations to both on their accomplishments!






3 responses to “Miller News”

  1. Denny Skellie Avatar

    Congratulations David and Gilbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kenny Skellie Avatar
    Kenny Skellie

    Congrats to David & Gilbert !
    How proud we are you guys.
    I remember when both of you forgot to put up the toilet seat!
    How time has changed you both.
    Love you guys!
    The goodlooking twin
    Lenny said “hi”

  3. Anthony VanCourt Avatar
    Anthony VanCourt

    way to go guys!!!!

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